Money Making Programs

HiLIQ is proud to share you the business. We put the best price on our products to offer you more opportunities to earn money. Whether you are reseller or online worker (affiliate or drop shipper), we have reachable opportunities in store for you through our money making programs. All these opportunities are backed up with dependable customer service. We are always here to help you out with everything.

WHOLESALE PROGRAMPrice really matters. It does – and with us, you get every product with the best possible rate. When we say the best, it means the lowest. Imagine already wholesale priced E-liquids having discounts over discounts? Incredible, is it? Our mission is to give you a good run for your business. We treat yours as ours – Simple as that.

DIRECT WHOLESALE SUPPLIERAvoid third party commissions and hidden charges from ordering your products from non-direct wholesaler and supplier. Imagine you’ll save from eliminating those parties who milks you money from claiming they are supplying you E-Liquid first hand! HiLIQ ensures business to business or business to customer relationships, no middle man, just the products in between!

BUYMORE, SAVEMORE!Rack up instant savings when you place more items in your cart! The more you buy, the more you save – when your order frequency increases, the item cost decreases. You also get big savings from the already-discounted-shipping-fees. Our international door-to-door delivery gets lower every time your order frequency gets higher.

HIGH MARGINS AND RESIDUAL INCOMEYour search for the best supplier which can guarantee you low prices and provide you proven and tested E-liquids end today. Remember that the Key Player for high returns is low capital. Our bulk manufacturing scheme allows you to get our end products on the lowest price possible resulting to higher per-bottle profit margins for your business. HiLIQ prices are extremely competitive offering you a profit margins ranging from 100% - 400% and as high as 500%.

HIGHLY CAPABLE AND SCALABLEWe are all set and ready to provide all your E-Liquid needs, may it come in medium to large quantities. Our manufacturing and logistics expertise guarantees an available service with any size of business relationship. If you are a single retailer, we’ll help you become a multi-retailer. If you’re currently ahead as international retail chain, let’s jump to more stock variety options for expansion. Anything is possible.
We are excited for the many opportunities we have in stored for you. It’s the time to step up your game! Contact your Account Manager today and start a future with us!


AFFILIATE PROGRAMConvert your passion in E-liquids and Knowledge in technology into some real $$$ cash!
HiLIQ Affiliate program is geared towards helping you make money by promoting our premium made E-liquids. Earn 10% commission on every successful sale through your website. We provide all the tools needed to successfully sell online! That includes banners, buttons, graphics and all other marketing materials.

IT’S EASY AND PROFITABLE! HERE HOW IT WORKS:1. Place our links in your website along with the catchy marketing banners we will send to you upon sign up.
2. When a customer visits our website and make a sale through the link you placed on your website, we’ll get you rewarded, big-time!
3. Our affiliate system and real-time tracking tools validate the sale and sends you email confirmation.
4. Expect your reward deposited in your PayPal account on a quarterly basis or when you accumulate over $100 commission.


DROPSHIPPING PROGRAMMake your online shop even more exciting by adding our best-selling E-Liquids in your store catalogue. Discover this easy money-making program we have in-stored for you!
Love our Products? Feel free to put it in your own online-selling shop and decide on the price you want! HiLIQ Dropshipping program enables you to sell and deliver our products right to your customers’ doorstep without the products going to your place and resending them afterwards. We’ll do all these for you without letting your customer noticing it is from us – a direct wholesale supplier.

IT’S BOTH CONVENIENT AND GAINFUL. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS!1. Put our products in your Ebay or other site, apply your desired pricing from our published commercial rate and grab some photos and banner directly from our site.
2. Start to collect and take orders from your customers with the pricing you have indicated, then order from our site, place your customers address as the billing address and yours as the origin address.
3. We ship the package according to your information. We give you order number and tracking number you can keep and relay.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MANY ADVANTAGES:1. Hassle and Stress Free. We handle everything for your convenience.
2. You buy the product at our best prices.
3. No advance payment for stock.
4. No storage required.
5. No postage or packing.
6. Small Quantities can be sold without any worry.
7. 100% ~ 300% Profit gain.